rlwrap command not found after its installation

Posted in RED HAT LINUX by edeguzman on April 11, 2009

Lately I did installation for rlwrap on my RHEL. Below is the installation procedure that  I did.

tar -xvf  rlwrap-tar-file

cd rlwrap-tar-file



make install

Then right after the installation I issue the command rlwrap on the bash shell and the rlwrap command was not recognized.  I checked my manual entry for rlwrap then a manual entry was found on how to use the rlwrap.

I did a which command on rlwrap to find the executable on RHEL system but then no rlwrap was found.  I’m not really sure on what exactly happened, I mean on why the rlwrap cannot be seen by the RHEL system.  I think I done mistake during the installation of rlwrap specifically on the path of rlwrap executable.

Though I found the rlwrap executable on /usr/local/bin/rlwrap but it’s kind irritating to typing that long to use the rlwrap.  What I did is to do alis for the command rlwrap for my bash_profile.

alias rlwrap=”/usr/local/bin/rlwrap”

The solution to this problem is that, during installation of rlwrap the config for the path must be specify so that executable file will be place to the right path.  Another solution is to edit the PATH on the ENV and add the path directory /usr/local/bin, in this sense when locating for the command this path will also be look up.

But I’m still hoping that there will be someone who will tell me the exact reason on why the RHEL cannot locate the executable rlwrap without doing the alias.  Send me a mail at edeguzman@lycos.com Thanks.

cheers =)


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