svn issue : format: permission denied

Posted in FREEBSD, RED HAT LINUX, SERVERS by edeguzman on September 11, 2011

This is one crazy issue in svn. It took me 3 hours to solve this permission denied issue, what a waste.

Now usually you have a repository path of /home/svn/repo , the only chmod you apply is on repo directory
but this is not the case. You should chmod the entire svn home directory. Works for me.

Below is what I did to solve the issue.

chmod -R 755 /home/svn

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Resetting root password in FreeBSD

Posted in FREEBSD by edeguzman on September 18, 2010

You might encounter of forgetting your root password in FreeBSD or possibly a lost root password for some reason. I encountered this kind of problem but after googling around, I found ways of resetting root password for FreeBSD.

Below are the procedures I took:

adding disk space freebsd-based vmware

Posted in FREEBSD, SERVERS by edeguzman on August 9, 2010

You came into this page cause you want to know how to expand or add disk space into an existing freebsd-based virtual machine for vmware. There are two ways, the first one is to use the vmware-vdiskmanager.exe found in the bin directory of vmware and the other way is to add the SCSI harddisk in the hardware option of the virtual machine settings.

First way, execute the disk manager toolkit of vmware :

vmware-vdiskmanager.exe -x 50GB “FreeBSDclone.vmdk”


CreateWindowEx Access Violation

Posted in C/C++ LANGUAGE, PROGRAMMING by edeguzman on January 30, 2010

Have you ever experience loading DLL with a window class on single thread that went successful then upon unloading that DLL and you load that DLL for the second time but it crash? This article might be helpful to you.

This bug is kind a weird and really hard to trace. To make things worst MSDN some what provides a misleading documentation. I wasted 4 days working on this weird bug and ended up to have an easy fixed. I googled around but ended up to have a handful of information and found out that alot of people did encounter this kind of problem but no providing fixed.


Access Violation in unallocated pointer

Posted in C/C++ LANGUAGE, PROGRAMMING by edeguzman on November 9, 2009

Lately I was debugging a bug in an application that crashes on Windows Vista but not crashing in Windows XP. I was clueless on what causing the crashes and why its not crashing on Windows XP. I had to do stack tracing for me determine where it crashes and I used the WinDebug tool. With WinDebug I was able to determine that it was the access violation thing that causes the crashes in vista. It’s kind a hard to debug cause it crashes unexpectedly that you won’t be able to determine on which area on the process that cause to crash. And worst on stack trace it points to a function that was not it even called.

After googling around the net for some time I was able to found out that it was the unallocated pointer or uninitialized pointer that causes the crashed. There was a struct pointer that was used without allocating memory or initializing to null.

Below Example :