Multi-homed host

Posted in NETWORKING/IP ROUTING by edeguzman on September 17, 2008

If you had multiple LAN interface in your PC and want to connect to a multiple LAN without losing you internet connection. Then this is will be a guide for you.

* First configure your interfaces with the necessary IP addresses.
* Second set up one of your interfaces to have the default route. Note this   will be interface that you want to connect to your Internet.
* Third set up the other interface to have a static route entry pointing to its
nexthop (usually the router) and leave its default gateway blank.
* 4th verify connections. Issue an ICMP request (using ping) to your default
gateway and to the nexthop IP address.

My case was different. We had here two internet connections, the 1st connection was within the private LAN and other connection was for public used. Both connection is connected to different squid cache and has different firewall configuration on it. My internet connection was connected to the first connection but there are sites that I want to access in which they were being blocked. That’s why I need the second connection
just for internet use and the other connection for intranet use.

And the above procedure works fine for me. Command for configuring static entry.

route add mask

If DHCP is used to assign IP addresses on the LAN, the DHCP server should be configured to not provide a default gateway.