Creating a CVS Repository

Posted in FREEBSD, SERVERS by edeguzman on January 18, 2008

I setup the CVS Repository in our laboratory just last year.
These are the procedures that I’d done.
First thing is to verify whether CVS is already installed in your
Freebsd. If not, then you should install it first.

In Freebsd 6.2 the CVS package is already installed on the
system but still it depends on how you install your Freebsd.

Take note this repository is best resided on your server.

Heres the step:

$ mkdir /cvsroot // Create the root directory for your repository.
$ chgrp /cvsroot // Change Group to your desired group so that only CVS users that are member of the group can allow to use
the repository.
$ chmod g+srwx /cvsroot // Change the directory SGID bitm this will allow files that created in that directory to have the same group ip
as the root directory’s group ID.
$ cvs -d /cvsroot // initialize your root directory, to make it a cvs group-writable,readable and executable.
$ chown -R /cvsroot // this will just change owner of the repository and the administrative files.

Now you have your CVS repositry.