fstab wrong configuration fixed in RHEL running on vmware

Posted in RED HAT LINUX, WEBBLOG by edeguzman on April 11, 2009

A while ago I experienced a problem on not having an enough disk space on RHEL which is running on vmware.  I did find a way to add disk space to current system of RHEL with this tutorial ( http://www.matttopper.com/?p=25 ).

It was a success but upon reboot, my RHEL crushes upon mounting the file system.  It was because of the wrong configuration on the /etc/fstab.

The best solution to this problem is to have a linux livecd to boot.  I find a hard time on how to boot from cdrom on vmware with the existing RHEL.  Only to find out that it was just a mere escape key when the VMWARE screen appears.

Then booting from cdrom, I run the rescue mode for RHEL and have the existing RHEL system mounted.  Then edited the /etc/fstab to the right configuration.  Then done.

cheers =)


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